Heated Insoles : Therm-ic heated insoles

Short Description
Therm-ic heatable insole perform insole offers superior wear comfort
Heated insoles
The heatable ThermicSole Perform insole offers superior wear comfort because it adapts to the individual foot. Its anatomic 3D shape with the pre-modelled arch provides optimal support for your foot. The standard outfit of select ski boot models of leading manufacturers – such as Atomic and Salomon – currently includes the heated insole.
ThermicSole Perform is compatible with any Therm-ic Powerpacks.
In addition to their aesthetic, white translucent design, the latest generation of boot heating systems is mainly characterised by its top performance: the duration of heat supply lasts up to 18 hours. The temperature is regulated across 3 levels and is displayed via LED.
With the globally usable Liionpack Global Charger, the new rechargeable Lithium ion battery technology offers an extremely short charging duration of no more than 2 hours. The battery packs can be exchanged at any time. Similar to all Therm-ic products, the impulse control, the patented impulse-like and efficient energy transfer stimulates the blood circulation.
Liionpack Gobal Charger
The Liionpack Global Charger can be used around the globe and guarantees an extremely short charging time of no more than 2 hours.
Liionpacks are compatible with any heatable Therm-ic insoles and Therm-ic pre-wired systems.
Package contents:
2 Lithium ion battery packs – rechargeable, with integrated electrical charging system and heat level control
1 100 – 240 V ~ Liionpack global charger (including country-specific adapter)
The extremely powerful Supermax Powerpacks guarantee comfortable warmth for up to 20 hours. The temperature can be adjusted to 3 different levels. The patented impulse control naturally stimulates the blood circulation through impulse-like, efficient energy transfer.
Global Charger
A global charger allows the use of the Supermax+ Powerpacks around the world. The fully automatic electrical charging mechanism recognises the charging status, thus ensuring the long life of the Powerpacks. A special safety feature in terms of long life is the protection against total discharge.
Supermax+ Powerpacks are compatible with any heatable Therm-ic insoles and Therm-ic pre-wired systems.
Package contents:
2 Ni-MH battery packs (Supermax+ Powerpack) – rechargeable, with integrated heat level switches
1 global charger
The Basix+ Powerpack can be used with regular rechargeable or non-rechargeable AA batteries.
The heating capacity depends on the battery selection. Based on the use of the patented Impulse control system, Therm-ic boot heating systems not only generate comfortable, but also healthy warmth because they naturally stimulate the blood circulation at the same time.
The heat can easily be adjusted by means of the three selectable temperature levels, simply by pushing the + or – buttons and is indicated via 3 LED lamps.
Basix+ Powerpacks are compatible with any heatable Therm-ic insoles and Therm-ic pre-wired systems.



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