Custom Mouldable Insoles : Custom made

Short Description
100% service, 100% customisation, 100% innovation with the integration of Transflux® & Therm-ic.
Feet Need Support ?
Yes, because barefoot or flat footbeds made pronated feet.
Pronated feet.. So?
Pronated feet will create lots of pain from knees and pelvis joint makes you feel uncomfortable all the time.
Well, any solution?
Yes, with Custom mouldable insole to support your foot arch, you’ll get back your neutral bone joints alignment. and pain will vanished permanently.
Everyone has their own personal morphology (foot type) that leaves a unique foot print like walking on wet sand. No matter your foot type from high arched feet to flat feet, from your left to right feet, from the width and volume.  The advanced & complete Conformable HD Vac platform will help for those who want the maximum comfort,  customizable with the Custom Technology for your feet, your sport and for you. Besides the skiing and snowboarding custom made insoles, there also are designed for golfing, running, cycling and hiking  with the best technology for every foot, every sport, every season.
A modern technology machine helping us for boot shell fitting service with a view to speed up the queuing time on the shell modification. It can be shorten 50% of the period of time.



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