Helmet with VISOR

CASCO - a German brand unique design with high-quality carbon shell or Swarovski Crystals meets sophisticated functionality. Serial with VAUTRON® automatic visor for best vision.

SLOKKER-an Italian brands offers helmets with attached, movable visors (goggles) , produces a unique and patented 4-layer polarized and photochromatic (transition) lens with full-face viewing that responds instantly to changing lighting conditions including those that provide a comfortable fit over eyeglasses!

ALPINA- German ski helmet + visor view the full panorama of the mountains and keep all the other skiers and snowboarders insight on the piste – the visor on the Jump 2.0 VM guarantees this in all weather. Besides offering protection from air streams and enough space to wear optical correction as well, it’s also self-tinting thanks to the high-quality Varioflex technology.

Zerorh+ top Italian skiwear

The new rh+ Ski Wear is a top Italian ski fashion brand on upcoming 2018-2019 winter ski fashion collection, the premier Italian brand where craftsmanship and attention to detail are everything. This collection combines the arts of textile production, traditional Italian tailoring and the classic technological DNA of RH+.

In-house designed Biomorphic technology revolutionizes sportswear by ensuring that garments are not only ultra waterproof but also extremely comfortable and a pleasure to wear

RH+ loving the bold combination of colors in this jacket part of the SPORTY sub-collection. Pink fur hood and deep blue body will get you noticed from the chairlift as you rip downhill
Is there really any color more elegant than Black? Johnny Cash knew it, and so does the design team at RH+. Most of the designs are available in this color and we love how the full black suit look

Thw Men’s Jackets, like the rest of the RH+ collection for this season , is a modern and elegant simple stylish piece

Heat Elements

It is no longer to worry about to have cold hand, cold feet in the winter opt for the full range of insulated and heated ski gloves, snow socks. For amateurs and professionals alike, FNS offers a wide range of heated products suited to your needs

Your good partner for cold weather

Therm-ic heated gloves range provides comfort and warmth throughout winter days. Thanks to a high-tech interior, Therm-ic’s heated gloves adjustable for 3 heated level, can offer up to 10 hours of heat. Tested and approved by individuals and professionals in extreme temperatures

Heat Waist band                                                                                  Heat Vest

Heat Bag

Heat Custom Insoles

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1.Heat Element   2.Heat Hit