On consignment 2nd hand ski_snowboard gear

WHY FNS selling 2nd hand ski_snowboard gear ?

Due to some skiers/snowboarders doesn’t know how to dispose of their old ski gear when they want to update or upgrade their ski gear. Some of the old gear even 90% new, it is too much wastage if threw it away , also isn't being environmental protection. In view of this, FNS helps to sell those 2nd hand product to snowfans or beginner who's considering to minimize initial investment in purchasing gear . FNS provides one more sale channel for them to select, hopefully the skiing activity gradually become their favorite sport.

Salomon 151


All purchases and sales transactions of the on consignment 2nd hand gear, FNS Ski Sport Equipment Specialty Shop, Fun 'N Snow Limited, salesman, owner of the gear shall not be liable to take responsibilities for any loss, damage, injury resulting from the selection, negligence, quality and use of the gear purchased by any person at the FNS shop.


Any dispute, FNS Ski Sport Equipment Specialty Shop and Fun 'N Snow Limited reserves the right to make the final decision.