Red Bull World Cup Helmet

Red Bull World Cup Helmet



The exclusive Lindsey Vonn and Red Bull World Cup helmet from Briko.        Briko is design, protection and cutting-edge technology with FIS 6.8 certification and the PROTETTO™ system. For the most courageous of skiers.

Lindsey Vonn with Red Bull World Cup helmet

Lindsey Vonn World cup

FIS 6.8 certification of the Briko PROTETTO™


When speed is everything, safety standards must be high. FIS 6.8 is the certification for helmets that are able to absorb impacts at a speed of 6.8 m/s. In addition to this technology Vulcano helmets boast Briko PROTETTO™, the safety shell for the nape made from ABS, extremely flexible for the area most subject to shock.

The Briko Vulcano FIS Helmet is the racing wind shaped aerodynamic helmet used by World Cup athletes and holds the FIS 6.8 safety certification. A cutting edge design combines both safety and aerodynamic performance. Includes an anti-concussion shock absorbing system that enhances helmet safety called the Protetto (patent pending).

The Vulcano FIS Junior Ski Helmet

The Vulcano FIS Junior Lindsey Vonn signature series ski helmet is styled after the helmet that Lindsey Vonn wears for alpine ski racing, with Red Bull and Lindsey Vonn Foundation graphics.
The award winning Vulcano Junior FIS Helmet is a full hard shell (ABS) ski racing helmet designed for younger racers and is FIS certified and ready for the Protetto System. Perfect fit thanks to the integrated adjustable roll-fit system.

Briko Slalom Helmet

Vulcano FIS World Cup Helmet

This soft ear slalom helmet has hybrid construction technology with ABS and in mould technology to combine maximum safety and maximum lightness. This Briko Slalom Helmet features thermal venting and adjustable roll fit for ultimate comfort. Chin guard is included!

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