OLANG Italy Snowshoes

OLANG Italian Snowshoes - was founded in 1990.

Anti-slip, waterproof, thermal insulation snow walking shoes which still remain its manufacturing region in Italy & Europe.

Specially designed models have OC system: The system features stainless steel studs and a framework created with a special, flexible polyurethane that is durable even at the most extreme temperatures.

OC SYSTEM works in two positions: grip on / grip off. The OC SYSTEM KEY makes it easier to flip the position on and off.
GRIP ON: the no-slip tool increases grip on icy surfaces helping the user to walk comfortably and to keep a firm footing.
GRIP OFF: the system hides into it so groove in the sole and permits walking comfortably on every floor without damaging it.

As for the outer membrane treatment, Olang has developed two special membranes: Olantex and Breathetex. Both membranes are synonymous for high breathability, abrasion resistance in humid and dry conditions confirming Olang high quality standards.
- Good resistance to water penetration
- Excellent breathability
- Extremely light and comfortable
- Good resistance to wear

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