100% Custom Made

Three elements of the boot adapt to the foot – shell, cuff and the liner.
Custom Shell – Fully mouldable shell that can accommodate 100-106 mm lasts (average to wide feet), allowing for a wide array of foot types.

For boot trying & fitting, please make an appointment in advance

It's a special plastic material additive that’s been developed to mould the boot around the foot.
Foam injection liners and thermoformable technology allows the liner to be injected, heated around the foot and then moulded into an adapted ski boot shell.

When combined with an insole of the boot fitting program, we provide another healthy line product to enhance its comfortability and arch supports with the helps of the combination of a variety of materials for foot insole.


Everyone has their own personal morphology (foot type) that leaves a unique footprint like walking on wet sand. No matter your foot type from high arched feet to flat feet, from your left to right feet, from the width and volume.  The advanced & complete HD Vac platform will help for those who want the maximum comfort,  customizable with the Custom Technology for your feet, your sport and for you. Besides the skiing and snowboarding custom made insoles, there also are designed for golfing, running, cycling and hiking  with the best technology for every foot, every sport, every season.


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